In accordance with current government guidelines, we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure we can shoot safely. Please see our policies for studio and location shoots below.



  • We ask that you sanitize your hands when you arrive. Hand sanitising stations are situated in the main entrance hall and at the entrance to the studio. 

  • Face masks are to be worn at all times and can only be removed once safely on set.

  • We will wear a face mask throughout the shoot.

  • We ask that when using the toilet facilities or when moving through the building you keep your face mask on.

  • In order to reduce the risk of contact with anyone else, we ask that you remain in the studio apart from using the toilet facilities or when requiring outside access.

  • The studio is marked up with red tape at 1-metre and 2-metre distances. We asked that you respect these distances at all times during your shoot.

  • We have ensured that the set is constantly ventilated.

  • The entrance hall, studio and toilet facilities will be thoroughly cleaned both before and after your shoot.

  • All props, including chairs, will be cleaned both before and after your shoot.

  • Personal hand towels are provided and will be hot washed both before and after your shoot.

  • Personal handwash is provided in the toilets, clearly marked ‘CJC’.

  • Personal tea and coffee utensils, including mugs and glasses, are provided and washed both before and after your shoot.

  • We ask that if you develop any symptoms in the days prior to your shoot, you inform us immediately and we will reschedule for when you’re well again. 

  • In order to allow enough time for cleaning, we leave a 90-minute window between shoots and will never schedule more than two a day.



  • Location shoots will only take place in open, non-congested areas that allow for social distancing.

  • Site-specific photoshoots are subject to the distancing policies applied by the venue.

  • To reduce the risk of contact, we ask that there are no more than three people on set at all times. This includes the CJC photographer, CJC assistant / movement director, and the artist.

  • Group and live event photography are subject to the current government guidelines at that time. They will be agreed prior to the engagement.

  • Should anyone involved in the shoot develop symptoms in the days prior to the session or event, we ask that you inform us immediately and we will re-schedule.

  • For venue and site-specific shoots, all members of the CJC team will wear face masks throughout and will hand sanitize at regular intervals.

  • Shoots will take place at 1-metre or 2-metre distances, in accordance with government guidelines at the time of your shoot.


We will constantly review these policies to ensure that we are creating a safe environment for everyone we work with.