Casting - £55

Self-promotion - £80

2 hours - relaxed timing

Co-actor (if required)

Includes: Profiles, slate and main feature.

Many casting directors are favouring self-tape auditions as their primary way of casting projects, particularly in the current global situation. As much as this can seem like a quick and easy way method that can done via your smart phone, submitting a high-quality self-tape can be what stands you apart from a sea of candidates.

I run two types of self-tape packages:


The Casting package is for casting-specific projects. All material we work with will be treated in the strictest of confidence. 


The Self-promotion package is for material for your profile on casting websites, such as Spotlight, Casting Network and Mandy. 

Both self-tape packages take roughly two hours to shoot, but as always, we remain flexible. Direction can be offered if desired and we can also supply a co-actor to read in too. 


All self-tapes are set up following regular guidance and consultation with leading UK casting directors. 


Once we have wrapped, we will then go through each take and make a collective decision on the final product. 


Casting specific - 24 hours

Self-promotion - 72 hours


A £25 deposit is taken to secure the booking which is refundable until 48 hours prior to the session. The remaining balance is to be paid via bank transfer on the day of the shoot.


To enquire about availability please email